Why Precision Parts Processing Needs WEDM

WEDM, is Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machine, it is suitable for cutting complex three-dimensional profiles with the least conductivity around 0.01 s/cm and temperature up to 45° [15]. In present days, microfeatures having superior SF, accurate tolerances, and higher properties are essential requirements of manufacturing industries

There are three types to make WEDM, it’s totally based on the parts situation.

For the WEDM-LS , there are several reasons why precision parts require slow wire processing:

1)High precision requirements: Slow wire processing can achieve very high processing accuracy and is suitable for processing parts that require very precise dimensions and surface finish.

2)Materials with high hardness: For materials with high hardness, such as titanium alloys, stainless steel, etc., slow wire machining can more easily achieve precision machining without damaging the tool.

3)Complex shapes: Some precision parts may have complex shapes and structures, and slow wire processing can make it easier to process these complex shapes.

4)Small thermal deformation: The heat generated during slow wire processing is relatively small, which can reduce the impact of thermal deformation on the accuracy of parts.
Therefore, slow wire machining is a very effective processing method for precision parts that require high precision, complex shapes, and high hardness.


For the WEDM-HS , usually used in the following situations:

1)High processing efficiency requirements: Fast wire cutting has a high processing speed, suitable for mass production of parts, which can improve processing efficiency.

2)Low requirement for surface finish: Compared to slow wire cutting, fast wire cutting has slightly lower surface finish, suitable for parts with less stringent surface requirements.


For the WEDM-MS , usually used in the following situations:

1)Comprehensive consideration: Medium wire cutting is between fast wire cutting and slow wire cutting, suitable for parts with certain requirements for both processing accuracy and efficiency.
High requirement for cost control: Medium wire cutting strikes a balance between processing accuracy

2) and efficiency, suitable for situations with high cost control requirements.Therefore, the choice of fast wire cutting, medium wire cutting, or slow wire cutting depends on the specific requirements of the parts, including accuracy, surface finish, cost, and production efficiency.


Post time: May-10-2024