Stainless steel processing service

Stainless steel processing service

Stainless steel parts are widely used in different industries. It has the characteristics of not easy to rust, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and easy to be polish .It is an important material choice for machining parts.

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K-TEK has more than 10 years experiences in stainless steel processing and has provided high-quality mechanical parts processing services for many customers. In addition to stainless steel processing, parts of different materials such as aluminum, copper, and engineering plastics can also be customized here.

Stainless steel is divided into many different grades, each of which will have some differences in performance. In order to make the performance of the parts more superior, it can be surface treated to enhance corrosion resistance, wear resistance or aesthetics.

Other processed materials & Surface treatment
Steel 20#、Q235、45#、A2、D2、16MnCr5、30CrMo、38CrMo、40CrNiMo3、S50C、65Mn、SCM415、40Cr、Cr8
Aluminum LY12、2A12、A2017、AL2024、AL3003、AL5052、AL5083、AL6061、AL6063、AL6082、AL7075、YH52
Copper T2、TU1/2、TP1/2、、Brass、Copper、Bronze、CuZn38Sn1、CuZn39Pb3、CuSn12、CuSn8P、C-360
HPb61-1、QSn7-02、C-954/514QAI 10-4-4、AMPCOM4、H59、H62、CuZN30、CuSn37,etc.

Common grades and surface treatments are as follow

Stainless Steel & Surface treatment
Stainless Steel  SUS201、SUS321、SUS301、SUS303、SUS304、SUS304L、S136、S136H、、SUS316、SUS316L
Surface treatment Passivation、Sanded、Orbital Sanded、Electro-polishing、Hard chromium plating
degreasing、Oxidizing black,etc.


Electronics, hardware, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, non-standard automation equipment, fixtures and other industries.

Stainless Steel Processing Services

● CNC Stainless steel Turning、Stainless steel Turning
● CNC Stainless steel Milling、Stainless steel Milling
● Stainless steel turn-milling machining

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K-TEK provides precision milling and turning parts services, providing professional machining services at competitive prices and timely delivery. With our strong machining capacity, the production of precision parts can meet the requirements of various equipment parts, products cover a variety of mechanical equipment, automation equipment, fixture and other industries.

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