Machining process of mechanical parts

The precision machining technical program can be divided into different levels of units, namely process , clamping , station ,constant cutting speed and feed. Among them, the process is a stage of the technical program, and the part processing includes multiple sub-processes.
Machining process of mechanical parts (2)

1. process is part of a continuous process performed on one or more workpieces at a job site by a worker or group of workers. The four elements of maintenance artifacts are workplace, worker, artifact and continuous operation, any change in any element constitutes a new process
2.To complete the entire machining process, multiple clamping work is sometimes required, and the step of the process completed after the workpiece (or assembly) is clamped once is called clamping.
3. When clamping or machining on a machine tool with a movable fixture or table, the workpiece or tool needs to sequentially process different positions of the part on the machine tool. So far, part of the process has been completed. After the workpiece is clamped once, each movable position and fixed position of the workpiece and fixture or equipment is called a station.

Machining process of mechanical parts (1)

4. The part of the process that is continuously completed under the condition that the machined surface is constant, the tool is constant, and the feed rate and cutting speed in the cutting amount are basically constant is called constant cutting speed.

Machining process of mechanical parts (1)

Under certain procedures, allowance increase or other reasons, the same surface needs to be cut multiple times with the same cutting amount (only once and feed), so each cutting of the workpiece by the tool is called one cutting.The content of cutting the completed by the cutting tool on the machined surface is called Feed.

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